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Steve J. Turner, Uilleann Piper

Welcome to the Pipes of Ireland website. My fascination with the uilleann pipes started one evening back in 1992 when a friend played me an old recording of Finbar and Eddie Furey. I fell in love with the sound of the pipes, the energy and feeling contained within the music, and I decided immediately that I had to learn more about this fascinating instrument.

I eventually managed to obtain a practice set, which is simply a chanter, a bag and bellows. Having studied music previously, and being able to play the organ, and guitar, I thought that I would soon be playing jigs and reels with the best of them, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I smile when I think of the awful noises I made initially, but I was so determined to play this instrument that I struggled on and, with much effort, started to grasp the basics.

Early on in my piping career, I was fortunate to meet Nick Scott, of 'Last Nights Fun' fame and he put me in touch with The South Western Association of Uilleann Pipers (SWAUP), a very friendly group, who meet regularly in Somerset. It was through SWAUP, and their annual piping weekends, that the horizons of my piping world were widened, and I had the chance at last to sit at the feet of master pipers, observe their technique, and receive constructive criticism of my own playing. I was also fortunate to receive instruction in the black art of reedmaking from master reedmaker and piper Alan Burton. Now I am in the position to be able to keep my pipes supplied with reeds of my own construction, a key skill that I thoroughly recommend to other pipers. 

I hope you enjoy this website and thanks for visiting.